Symposia is an art organization that helps artists in any stage of their career improve and develop their art practice.

Our goal is to enable artists to be financially secure through their creativity and improve equity in the field of art.

We provide artists with data-driven insights to increase transparency, AI-enabled tools to accelerate their growth, and community networks to improve access.


What we do

Our aim is to build equity in the field of art

At Symposia we aim to create a place where artists can learn tips and techniques to propel their careers forward, and share their ideas to learn and flourish with their fellow artists.

Our goal is to help artists thrive by removing barriers, enabling collaboration, and amplifying impact. As we build this future together with you, we hope to create a world where creativity has no limits and everyone can pursue art as an economic imperative.


Our mission is to nurture artists and empower them to create value for themselves and for society.


We envision a world where an artist's only limitation is their imagination.


Why we do this

A prosperous society needs artists

The need for creativity has never been greater as we find ourselves more physically isolated than ever before, and artists have the unique power to bring us together on a human level.

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Artists need support

Artists need to access to reliable and informative resources so that they may learn how to get started & how to push their practice forward.

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Our Solution

By enabling direct connections between artists, knowledge barriers are broken as they share resources to find success.


Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team committed to enriching the lives of all artists.

We spent hundreds of hours researching the art market and interviewing artists individually; in order to identify a unifying need that they often don't have access to. Art critiques were the most common need, and the most important to grow and develop their practice.

All artists should have access to reliable, helpful feedback that increases, rather than decreases, their understanding of how they can improve a piece of art. This is a critical component to building a more equitable world for artists.

Based in Brooklyn, NY


We are located in Brooklyn, a vibrant artistic hub packed with individuals experimenting and pursuing their creative work and practice.

Our core values


We are open to all and will foster a safe and accepting community


We want all our products to be built for artists.


Access to information and resources should not be restricted by any means.


We take a scientific and data-driven approach to understanding artists and the art world.


We want to remain inquisitive, to hear from you and learn from you.


We aim to be the go-to source for artists looking to propel their careers.

How is this different from other resources?

Many companies are positioned to extract value from artists. We aim to build value for artists and help them succeed in their careers.

How can I get in touch?

The easiest way is to email us at or if you prefer message forms use our message form in the contact field below. You may also call or text us during daylight EST hours at +1 212-287-9200

Is this just for artists?

Although we are focusing on products that would help artists, our products will be available for everyone.

Whether you are a practicing artist, prospective artist, student, or just someone who appreciates the beauty and importance of art in any form; if you have an interest in art we will have something for you.

Who’s involved in this?

We are a multidisciplinary team rooted in the arts. Our team consists of designers, developers, writers, and strategists. We are looking for people who would be interested in collaborating with us in order to continue developing our solutions.

If you think your skillset could contribute to our mission or if you have an idea of how we can improve the lives of artists, we would love to hear from you.

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Contact Symposia

Text us: +1 212-287-9200