About the app

How is this different from other platforms?

The beauty of Critique app is that it centers around real-time conversation, think group chats. You can hop in and out of a critique and contribute to a conversation that is unfolding in real-time. It's all about focusing in on the work itself, the participants can actively look at and evaluate the art piece while in the room.

While you can chat freely, critiques are often centered around a central question that the artist poses, to help guide the discussion and help the artist improve their work.

What's unique about this app?

This app is built for artists. Artists can be invited to join after demonstrating they are working or studying art as a profession.

The space allows artists to connect with other artists in their community, exchange ideas and get feedback on their work in a safe and trusted community.

What happens to images we upload?

The images you post are used stored on our server for internal review and community safety.

We will not use your art for marketing, reposting, or any advertisement without your express written permission.

Our goal is to connect people through conversations, your content in our app is yours and always will be yours.

What's the time limit for a critique?

You can set your chat room for a Critique to last up to 24 hours, the room will close after that set time and no one will have access to the conversation afterward but you.

You may extend the room in any time 5-minute increment, up to 24 hours, until you choose to end the critique.

What is an art critique?

An art critique is a forum wherein artists can call upon their friends, peers, or anyone they like to give feedback on a piece of art they are working on or have completed, or as a place to answer a question for which they would like to get others' opinions.

While that's the traditional structure, our chat rooms in Critique app allow free and open discussion with fellow artists about anything you wish.

Is this app free?

Yes, it is 100% free to use without limits. There are no ads or paywalls. Though we may explore premium features in the future.

Why is this app invite only, are all artists accepted?

We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their work with trusted artists, so we’re building a curated community of just artists and art enthusiasts

All artists of any career level or field will be sent an invite after they request one

Getting Started

How do I get an invite code to create an account

Within the app

  1. Tap profile on the bottom bar, tap login
  2. Enter your phone number to verify, tap send code
  3. Enter the code you received via sms to verify
  4. Under Invite code, tap "I don't have a code" at the bottom under confirm.
  5. Add a link to send to us that verifies that you are an artist. This can be your instagram page, portfolio website, anything that shows who you are and your work (all artists and creatives are accepted). Tap request invite.
  6. You will receive a notification within a few hours during regular business hours that you have been accepted.
  7. Continue your profile setup.

By contacting us

  1. Contact us any time, from this site, through Instagram DM's, with our chat box on the lower right-hand side of this screen. We will send you a message with an invite code.
  2. Open the symposia app, Tap profile on the bottom bar, tap login.
  3. Enter your phone number to verify, tap send code.
  4. Enter the verification code you received via SMS (not the one we sent you).
  5. Enter the invite code in the code text box.
  6. Continue your profile setup.

By asking someone who has the app

You can ask someone who told you about the app for an invitation. They have unlimited invitations to hand out, once you have a code follow the same instructions above.

Who can I invite to critique my art?

You have three main options for who to invite to your critique. One you can keep your critique private which limits your room to only people who are in your contacts.

Or you can open it up to your artists like you, meaning artists who have something in common with you like they may share your medium choice. Lastly you can open it up to the Public, or all members of Symposia.

I have an account already and now I’d like to have a critique of my work

Click the middle button “critique”
in the main navigation. Upload your work and add a question, be sure to select the “attributes” that you’d like feedback on for context

Do I need to pose a question to start a critique?

No, you do not need to pose a question in order to start a critique. However, we encourage it because it helps give the critique more context and makes it easier for others who may be reading the post to participate by answering specific questions that they may have about what you are discussing.

How can I discover what critiques other artists are hosting?

When you open the app you'll arrive at the Discover feed where you will by default see all the critiques by all artists that are open to the public. You can filter those down by choosing a medium, education level of the artist, or the professional level of the artist.

You can also search for critiques by artists in a certain location, say Brooklyn for example. You are also able to filter your feed to only artists in your contacts who are hosting critiques.

Community Safety

How can I report inappropriate behavior

Contact us immediately with a detailed description of the incident. Email us at team@artsymposia.com or call us directly at +1 212-287-9200

What are your community guidelines?

We have strong community guidelines that prohibit bullying, harassment, and obscene behavior. We also have a zero tolerance policy for content that is illegal or promotes violence. Our team reviews posts and removes any that violate our guidelines. You can access the full guidelines here.

How do you keep users safe?

We keep users safe by having strong community guidelines, invite-only access, and by trusting our community to send invites.

We use invite-only access to prevent spam and ensure that only people who are interested in the topic join the conversation. And, finally, we trust our community to send invites only to people they know will be respectful and contribute positively to the conversation. This helps keep the quality of our content high and ensures that users feel safe joining the conversation.

Our Company

How is this different from other resources?

Many companies are positioned to extract value from artists. We aim to build value for artists and help them succeed in their careers.

How can I get in touch?

The easiest way is to email us at team@artsymposia.com or if you prefer message forms use our message form in the contact field below. You may also call or text us during daylight EST hours at +1 212-287-9200

Is this just for artists?

Although we are focusing on products that would help artists, our products will be available for everyone.

Whether you are a practicing artist, prospective artist, student, or just someone who appreciates the beauty and importance of art in any form; if you have an interest in art we will have something for you.

Who’s involved in this?

We are a multidisciplinary team rooted in the arts. Our team consists of designers, developers, writers, and strategists. We are looking for people who would be interested in collaborating with us in order to continue developing our solutions.

If you think your skillset could contribute to our mission or if you have an idea of how we can improve the lives of artists, we would love to hear from you. team@artsymposia.com

Ask us anything

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